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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Season Greetings & Holiday Break in September

The Hari Raya is round the corner which might fall on 10th and 11th this month ( it depends on the sight of the moon ) anyway, I would like to send my season greeting to all the Muslim friends & students- Selamat Hari Raya!!!

I will take a holiday from 22nd to 30th this month. The reschedule & replacement for the classes will be posted later. On 24th, i will attend a day meditation course conducted by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh @ Tunku Abdul Rahman College in Kuala Lumpur. It is his first time to come to Malaysia and i DON'T want to miss this opportunity to meet this world renowned Zen Master. Wendy''s classes on 14th & 16th will be canceled as she will also be away from 11th to 18th . Her class resumes on 21st, Tuesday. Please take note.

It is a second term school holiday , many of the students also take a holiday break with the family This is a DO , travel is a time to unwind , recharge , indulge and explore. I wish all of you have a great time!!& myself too. so , the classes expect "the low season "for this month. followed by Hari Raya , the Chinese mooncake festival is coming on 22nd. I wish all Happy Mooncake festival ahead!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

108 Sun Salutation Challenge -22nd August 2010 as Charity drive

All Participants

We sincerely extent our gratitude to all of participants who participated in the entire event and those students & friends who could not make it to the event on the day but delivered their kind donations. A big thank to the owner (remains anonymous for privacy)of the place who kindly allows me to use this private place as the event venue. Everyone falls in love with this blissful place so much!

At last but not least , All your support , generosity and participation made this event happen! The proceeding amounting of $ 1255 from the fundraiser will go to Pusat Ehsan Al-Ameerah Al-Hajjah Maryam for its upcoming charity Bazaar 2010 on 2nd & 3rd of October.

May all of you be bliss , blessed and Peace -OM Shanti Shanti Shanti
Peace in yourself ,Peace in someone you care and love , Peace on Earth! Namaste!

Ancient chanting Mantra accompa
nied with each round of Sun Salutation. All living things draw prana - life force from the Sun , and each Mantra salutes & respects the Sun different way!

May all be Bliss & blessed!Your Donation & participation & Support of the event is highly appreciated!

Opening the event with Chanting Mantra Of OM and the initial Prayer

108 Sun Salutation practice was divided into 9 sets , each set consist of 12 rounds , and we made an interval break every three sets, with Shavasana

Yin Yoga - unwind the body and mind balances the Yang , the invigorating & energetic 108 Sun Salutation practice . The Yin approach balances the Chi flow by holding each pose at certain period of time -5 to 10 minutes.
Sleeping Swan pose
Half Dragonfly Pose
Dragonfly Pose

Recline spinal twist Pose
Final Relaxation - Shavasana -Corpse Pose
Refreshment Time ;

Array of wholesome homemade vegetarian cooking by Jacky Lim & her mom
Winnie Liew 's Birthday on the same day!
Free & Easy Times - before , during the break & After of the Event;

Kids fall in love with the place!& have great fun

Thanks to Jeff for contributing the nice photos

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Rewind yoga moment

Ever seen any poses like this one??

Backward bending?It took me a long time to do the full Backward bending pose like Urdhava Dhanurasana -( the Upward Bow / or the Wheel pose). Even til now , i still need to make a lot refinements to get my chest closer to the wall like those ladies do. Their backward bending are impressive! Want to test your flexibility in your upper body & shoulder joints & the strength of your arm? and also the flexibility of your legs & hips? Then do this Upward Bow Pose and you will realize how much integration works of the entire body need to integrate. If you are new to Yoga practice or weak in the back , do this Salabasana ( the locust ) which is an excellent built-up pose to extend & strength the spine. however, with the consistent practice is possible to be like them - the ladies !
Urdhava Dhanurasana - (The upward Bow /or The Wheel Pose )
Salabasana ( the Locust Pose )
Natarajasana ( The dancer )
It is one of the most elegant yoga balancing pose - Natarajasana ( The dancer ) ,yet a lot of integration works are similar in the backward bend pose.
Thigh muscles & gluteal maximus great toner - high lunge. it makes the legs stronger and this is what the backward bending poses need.

A gentle Vinyasa

Chair Camel Pose
Yoga Stretching is to enjoy at any times you need it. you can relief the tension with a simple chair version Yoga stretch while you are in your workplace.

Hips & Shoulder Class ;One of my favorite standing hip opener poses - Parsvakonasana ( extended side angle stretch )
do it in the beginner class as well
A shoulder opener in the standing version
Modification of Malasana( Garland Pose) which combines hips stretch and the upper shoulder stretch

Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana - Hand big toe pose
Supta Padangusthasana ( supine big toe pose )

Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana -Extended hand foot big toe Pose , not a easy pose , it really testing the flexibility of your hamstring & upper leg strength ( the balancing leg ) and the rotation of Hip joints - Gluteal Maximus and the front thigh muscles. Supta Padangusthasana ( supine big toe pose ) gives you the best imprint how the related muscles worked when do in the standing position.

How i wish my studio has such a wonderful surroundings like this- green , open air and nature fresh air. The location for the Empire group to practice moves around pretty often -Sometimes Indoor Studio , Room 19 , open air Veranda space and so on. The outdoor is always the best choice.

The columns along the corridor have another functions - for yoga practice ;) @ JPMC