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Tuesday, 28 July 2009



Dear all ,

I'll be in Kuala Lumpur ,from 28th July to 3rd of August for 30-hour Anusara Yoga workshop with Martin Kirk - A weaving of Yoga Anatomy & Therapy , Asana & Philosophy

All classes are canceled , except for those who have registered for Nora 's classes on 30th ( Thursday ) , 31st ( Friday) of July and 3rd of August ( Monday ) Please come at 6:30pm on time!

The schedule will be back to normal on 4th August 2009 ( Tuesday ) , see you then!!!!

Martin Kirk

Anusara Yoga Instructor

www.kirkyoga.com / www.vincenttamyoga.com

photo Gallery

Regular Students;-

Front Row ( from the left ) ;Candy Chan, Elizebth shim , Evon Chan,Doreen Lim , Nicole
back row ( from the left ) ;Mr Chong , KK Lim , TC Lim

Front row (From the left ): Keith ,David Lim , Eric Pong, Jocelyn Song , Wendy , Suk ling ,Claire
Back from behind Jocelyn ( from the left ) ;Caley ,Peggy,Mr Yong & Goh

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Regular Students

Photo Gallery

Another group of regular students;-
( from the Left ) - Dr.Yen , Annie , Linda Lee , Hui Sang , Bobo ( from China ) , Susan & her Hubby ,Han Leong & His Wife -Su fen

Group of students - the front row( from the right ) - Melissa leong , Jeff , Connie hii & Celine hii
The Back row ( from the right ) - Mdm Teh ,Melissa Ang & Winnie Liew

Flying Crow Pose

Group of students; posed in different variations of headstand Inversion

Group of students -the front row( From the right) -Melissa Leong , Jacky Lim , Connie Hii, Celine Hii & Jeff the back row (From the right )- Melissa Ang,Cindy Kok & Winnie liew

Mystery Arm Balance

Connie Hii, posed in Myurasana -peacock pose

Melissa Leong , posed in 8 limbs arm balancing

Celine Hii, Younger sister of Connie ,posed in a single leg crow pose

Cindy Kok , a MOM of 3 sons ,the elder now ages 26, wow!!!see her level of fitness! impressive!!Posed in Firefly pose

Sharon Chai ,aged in mid fifty , here an evidence to show her tremendious progress in less than a year!good effort

Man wei , an exerciseholic - she does Spining , Steps and Yoga, a very regular Early Bird

Keith ,A school teacher ; a gym person before , now aslo does Yoga regularly

Jacky Lim, a true yoga lover ,joinging any types of yoga class wherever she goes and travels.

Jeff , a national- graded volley ball player ; strong & well built; a gym person before , now doing yoga quite regularly,get influenced by his Girlfriend - Connie Hii

Winnie Liew , you'r gonna to give her rewards for all commitments ,Efforts & patience she puts in her Yoga Practice. she shed more than 10 kg from day one till to date. She is now confident to move to the center of the room and do the headstand.There's no easy way for her...

Winnie Liew , shows an advanced pose - Diamond. does size matter???

Using the wall to practice -Half Moon Balancing Pose

Wide Angle Forward Bend Twist variation

invigorating flow of Sun Salutation

invigorating flow of Sun Salutation

Shavasana ( Dead Body Pose ) practising after each session

Mild , gentle,relaxing opening for the session

Pause ,Feel and Breathe between Vinyasa

Zee , a Speech Therapist at RIPAS, relaxing in a neck & head relief stretch

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Two different groups i call them -Early bird & Night Owl

Night Owl Group;-

Front row from the left - Jeff , Mdm Teh , Jocelyn Song , Voon , Celine Hii, Conny Hii, Melissa Leong

Back row from the left - Melissa Ang,Winnie Liew ,Cindy Kok , Jacky Lim

Early Birds Group;-

First row from the left ; Tsu Ping , Anna , Jenny Tang , Sharon Chai , Cindy Hong

Back row from the left: Mrs Koo , Dorothy , Man Wei , Connie Loi , Jessie Pang , Micheal & his Wife Tracey.

For the very first time, i got my early bird & night owl groups, to pose for a group photo ,for an upcoming Ad on Ranoadidas

Eventually ,
OMPlace ,goes for publicity.

Rano was here last weekend and already took some images but not these. i am aslo in the midst of snapping students' images, to show all kinds of sizes , shapes , ages , races and genders , doing yoga in the same breath at OMPlace. Well, my intention is to get the Ad convinced Yoga is for Everyone.

Yoga is not a girlie thing to do , and the ages & races are not the issue too.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Can we do THE WHEEL for today's session?

Today( 24/07/09)'s session at The Empire Country Club,we did at the roofed veranda, just outside the room we usually use, ROOM 19 .which is now occupied and used for the Brunei Open -golf tournament.

And the focus for the session was on Twists & Backbend. It was actually a Student's request beforehand;so the menu was tailored.

She asked ' Can we do the wheel today" i answered " of course" ,and added 'it is like having meals at a restaurant , you ask for the menu , or TODAY'S SPECIAL??' ". i told her that you were not the only one; sometimes it's interesting that some students from the studio , especially old student would ask what's the class today or tommorow???" or 'what's the menu today??'

The chef would have to brainstorm for the juicy menu every now and then,and so do i.

Basically , the menu for the session today was ;-

opening for shoulder 1 & 2 with a chair - passive shoulder opener 1 & 2 in prone position ( downward dog stretch in between ) - cat & cat twist with downward dog in between ) - Eka Pada Bhekasan half forg leg ( stretch the thigh & hips flexors) - Sun Salutation - Sun Salutation with High Lunge add-on - open twist - half seated spinal twist - the bridge - The standing backbend heart-opening - The Wheel - Supine Spinal Twist - Shavasana

My favorite stretch - the wall dog , /chair dog to open up from fingers to toes

another favorite - the chair hang to stretch the shoulder and arms

unknown name a passive shoulder opener

unkonwn name a passive shoulder opener

legs , hips , thighs work together , to strengthen for backbending

High Lunge to awaken the power of the legs

Open twist from Aadil's tricks.

Half seated spinal twist after an open twist to get a deeper twist. hold each side for 2 minutes or so.

With the support , easy for some of them ,still stiff and tight in the shoulder to open and release

Standing Backbend heart -opening with the support of a chair

The Ashram Diary - Yoga Vidya Gurukul -India ( PART II )

The Ashram Dairy (PART II )

Continue My wonderful Yogic lifestyle & Learning ,in India ;-

salute to the Sun

Hand to Toe

Ben , Stella , and me , threesome

fun!! me,Ben ,Sak on the hillside on sunset

Dancing out the night!!!!!!!!!

Bhajan - singing with full of devotion

Yogic Food

Pure , organic & Wholesome - called Sattiv Diet in yoga

they use moutain rock salt ; ghee ,soya bean milk ; they cook & eat what is in season - veggies and fruit; they use wholemeal. all in all , the diet is simply delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!

it's unlike the usual indian cooking - hot & spicy , strong masala favour!!!

Yogi Belief;

A sattiv diet brings purity and calmness to the mind , and is both and nourishing to the body , it promotes cheerfulness , serenity and mental clarity , and helps to maintain mental poise and nerous equilibrium throughout the day

Think about it ! change your eating and diet habit , and see if any change in you

chappati , potatos and rice for Lunch

fresh fruit & oat meal
for breakies

Basic ingrdents for the cooking


Dhauti , basti , net , trataka , nauli , Kapalbhati, are known as Sharkarma or the six cleansing technique process in HATHA YOGA
. Neti - nasal Cleansing with neti pot the night before practising Net , we were to put ghee into our noses, for lubricating purpose specially ,for first timer!!!after Neti was done, followed up with Kapalbhati breathing exercise .

Neti is a counteract the effect of pollution and dust. it is beneficial to people with asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems

Putting Ghee in the nose , looks disgusting and scary ya?????????

Master Cleansing - Shankaplsen

Not everyone enjoyed this one.It is a technique , begin with drinking with two glasses of warmth water ( mixture of lemon and salt ) , and carry on to perform 2 sets of 6 sequeced asanas - which designed to push the water forcefully into the disgestion system and do the cleasning jobs. after completing 2 sets , you need to drink another 2 glasses of water and continue again, you need to keep doing till you feel the urge to go to the toilet. The whole process ends till you see the clear water came out from the other end.it was quite physical exhausting . No sugar or sweet , glutinous food allow to eat , what we ate nothing quite like this - lentil porriage with ghee ,not just a bit but a full cup of ghee.

You got the special permission - YOU DO NOT - if you have menstration , stomach problem ,diarrea or low in the energy level.

Toast!!!!!let's begin now - Master Cleansing!!!!!!!!!!

Sequenced asanas performed after drinking

Free & Easy at Nasik

it was our Free & Easy time on Sundays, you could either choose to stay at the Ashram , or go to nearby place - like visiting the sacred temple at Trimbak , or just strolling around in the country side to see the local. or go somewhere you like. most people choosed to go Nasik town and checked out emails , shoppings or do personal things. Nasik town , is quite decent & clean. you could find modern facilities like ,Banks, restorans , cybercafe , boutiques , cinema , big bizza and variety of retail shops.

Friendly ,innocent local boys & girls

Trimbakeshwar Temple, is one of India's most sacred temples , contains a jyoti linga , one of the 12 most important shrines of SHIVA. worth visiting!!!

Jeep took us around , to and fro on Free & Easy time!!!!!!!!!

Clean , decent Nasik town
The local Sweet & snack paradise,serving array of indian delight of sweet, nice & mouth-watering , but is non -Sattvic !!!

Aerial view of Big Bizza

Me , Alex and Karen enjoyed food - at the Big Bizza 's food center

My favorite snack vender outside the Big Bizza , i missed that Masala favour Sweet corn

Can spot which bollywood Celebrity you are Familiar????posed at the local cinema

Everything around here , was positive, blissful & peaceful. i am missing every single moment. The Ashram fulfiled my dreams , to be a certified yoga teacher. Thanks Yoga Vidya Gurukl , All my teachers & the staffs

Hariom !!