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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Chakra focus - Turn into your heart

Turn into your heart

According to Indian healing philosophy , the energy center in the middle of your chest , which deals with your emotions , is the Anahata or heart chakra. its traditional visual form ( yantra ) feature 12 deep red petals. visualize this yantra within your heart - imagine warmth and beauty emanating from the petals , enabling you to act with compassion and grace.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Live in the Moment -Stand your ground

Stand on your ground

Coming to terms with reality involves stripping ourselves of comforting delusions. Many people who try to confront life's difficult truths get scared and fail in the attempt. You won't gain self-knowledge without drawing upon your reserves of strength and courage. Don't run away: the rewards of standing your ground will be riches beyond measure - true happiness , true peace , true love.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Live in the Moment - Fill your days

Fill your days "The Most wasted of all days is one without laughter."

Nicolas - Sebestien Roch Chamfort ( 1741 - 1794 ) , France

Friday, 20 May 2011

Live in the Moment - Skillful


"The art of life lies in a constant readjustment to our surroundings. "

Okakura Kakuzo ( 1862 - 1913 ) Japan

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Live in the Moment - Lonely Twin

" Doubt is a pain to lonely to know that faith is his twin brother."

Kahlil Gibran ( 1883-1931) Lebanon /USA

Live in the Moment - Mountain High

When you climb to a high peak , you may think that the only way forward is down. But you are more than flesh , bone , and muscle. Imagine you are here to let your spirit off its bodily leash. Scan the distant views. You are a citizen of vast spaces: enjoy your privileges to the full.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

A great Heart tonic - viparita Dandasana

Active & energetic approach of backward bending like the upward Bow Pose could be a bit too much for a lethargic body to manage. Then you might opt for a passive heart tonic -Viparita dandasana. surely the heart appreciates a gentle , passive yet rejuvenating opening from the following two variations;

Viparita Dandasana (1)

Setting up

1) Fold 2 mats and the width should be enough to support the sacrum region
2) A yoga block is placed horizontally against the wall for resting the feet
3) A Yoga strap which is used for stabilizing the thighs


1) sit in Seated Staff pose ( Dandasana ) with the feet touching the wall to get the distance how far the hips are away from the wall

2) put the folded mat under the buttock and rest the feet on the block.

3) Stabilize the thighs with the yoga strap that teaches the legs to be engaged.

4) slowly lay down on the back and keep the back of the shoulders and the head relax on the mat.

5) The arms can be stretched over the head to give a total opening for the chest region and the side of the torso or simply rest in any suitable position as desired.

6) Breathe freely and slowly in the final position and hold at least 5 minutes for maximum result

Viparita Dandasana (2)

Setting up

1) 2 yoga blocks or if you use a wooden block , pad with a lay of folded blanket on top.


1) come to the Bridge Pose and stack 2 yoga block lengthwise and put them underneath the sacrum region.

2) once the sacrum region rest comfortably on the blocks only then stretch one leg at a time outward and then keep the legs engaged by keeping the thighs rolled in.

3) The arms can be stretched over the head to give a total opening for the chest region and the side of the torso or simply rest in any suitable position as desired.

4) Breathe freely and slowly in the final position and hold about 1 -3 minutes for maximum result. Come out of the pose immediately if there is any strain experience in the lower back.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Yoga CCA @ Matab Sains School 2011

I am honored to teach a group of form ( 3 ) & form ( 4 ) students yoga @ Matab Sains School again this year. In the first semester ,a step by step guide of Sun Salutation ( surya namaska ) was introduced to them in order to build their basic understanding of their bodily coordination & awareness that also helps improve their ability to focus. For the second semester , I focus on building up their core strengthen & balancing by adding in some challenging poses like Bakasana ( Crow Pose ) , Shalabasana ( Locust Pose ) , Naukasana ( boat Pose ) in both seated & supine version and the backward bending poses.

2011 Matab Sains School Group
First Semester

Prepare for the practice
Balasana ( child pose ) to calm and relax
Using the chair to prepare the practice of Downward Facing Dog
practice of Downward Facing Dog
Standing Mountain pose practice
High Lunge
High Lunge preparation
Second Semester
Shalabasana ( The Locust Pose )
Naukasana ( supine boat Pose )
Backward Bend Pose

Practicing Backbend from the wild thing
Practicing The balancing Pose ( Bakasana )
Using the Wall to practice Bakasana ( The Crow Pose )
Nuakasana ( The Seated Boat Pose )
Nuakasana ( The Seated Boat Pose )

Spinal rocking

Spinal Rocking

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

illusions - snoisulli

illusions - It is sometimes tempting to believe that if we think about a problem for long enough, we will resolve it - whereas all that happens in fact is that our anxieties deepen and become more disabling. Do not fall into the trap of endlessly rehearsing the same old issue without making progress at all in your decision making. Let things lie for a while; you deserve a break!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mother's love

"The Heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness."

by Honore De Balzac ( 1799 - 1850 ) France

Happy Mother's day!

OMPlace would like to dedicate this to all wonderful mothers,
Happy Mother's Day!!