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Friday, 3 September 2010

Yoga for Kids

Kids can benefit tremendously from many easy to follow and practice Yoga Poses that names are derived from many animals , it is a lot of fun to learn !!!

Yoga poses help growing kids to develop :
> Correct Postures
> Body Coordination
> Body Awareness
>Concentration & focus
>Self esteem

On Health Benefits :
>Strengthen the Immune System
>Improve the breathing capacity
>Increase the strength and flexibility

Wendy Liew, a mother of two, the elder is already 12 years old. She is definitely able to answer what a growing kid 's bodily development needs . Hello moms! , have your kids enrolled and join her new,fun & friendly& joyful "yoga for kids " class on every Fridays @ 2pm. The introductory package fee $ 45 for 8 sessions. $ 8 for a drop-in. For more details , you may contact her at 8805019. let your kids enjoy the whole new experience of moving their bodies through the powerful yogic techniques. They deserve to become more healthier and brighter!!!