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Monday, 12 April 2010

Vinyasa Yoga Workshop By Vincent Tam - Day 2

In day 2 , Vincent briefly touched on a philosophical part of Yoga in the third workshop before starting the exciting workshop focus on the upside down world - the inversion. He explained the different between '' being " Vs " doing " in any form of yoga practice either Vinyasa or Asana. anyone practices yoga should cultivate the quality of ' Mindfulness'.

The last workshop was the 'finale ' of all the first three workshops.This was all the weekend training about. The sequence became more exciting as it incorporated inversion series, arm balancing and twist series. This was the 'acid test' that you have to integrate fluidity , strength , alignment , inner awareness and stillness to flow through the beautiful yet challenging sequence gracefully and effortlessly in and out of the movement and transition meanwhile you still stay grounded in the breath. It really took your vinyasa practice to the next level.

Vincent Tam is a true & all- round trainer and he knows each form or/ system of yoga well. Hopefully , he will be back in the near future to share more with you in other aspects of yoga practice.

At last but not least , OMPlace Studio would sincerely like to thank you all for your participation and also to Superwater Marketing Sdn Bhd for sponsoring the drinking water ( Rainfresh - super- oxygenated water ) during the workshop. Namaste All !

Group picture - Vinyasa Yoga Workshop 2010 with Vincent Tam

Vincent touched on a philosophical part of Yoga in the third workshop
Vincent paid attention to every participant on the alignment of a pose
Vincent 's guiding them into the vinyasa
Partner practice to find the correct alignment
Vinyasa into the Vasistasana ( side plank arm balancing series ) movement
In the fourth workshop , the sequence connected into the upside down world ( inversion series )
in the fourth workshop , the sequence connected into the upside down world ( inversion series )
Vincent 's making the adjusment for Jeon in headstand ( Salamba sirsasana )
Partner practice to get the correct alignment
Vincent;s guiding Jeff to do swop leg movement in a variation of Salamba Sirsasana - headstand

Rainfresh - super- oxygenated water supplied by Superwater Marketing Sdn Bhd

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Vinyasa Yoga Workshop By Vincent Tam -Day 1

Vincent 's style of meticulous teaching builds the strong foundation in the 1st workshop for day 1, you should appreciate the way he breakdown the detailed steps for each movement and the sequence on how to do this unique form of flow practice - Vinyasa yoga. He showed various techniques on how to do the correct Ujjayi Pranayama and the mula bandha ( root lock ) * Bandha is a sanskrit word related to our english word 'Bind " Bond " or "Band" or " Lock ",meaning a close off of part of the interior body. used in various pranayama & asana practice to tone , cleanse and energize the interior body & Organs. These are main fundamental tool in this particular practice The sequence built up more and more challenging into the flying high vinyasa in the second workshop. It combined with the arm balancing and the backbending movement. there's full of Fun!

Vincent 's guiding participants in the opening segment - to do Ujjyai breathing
each movement required full inner awareness & fluidity
each movement required sychronizes with the breathing
Melissa leong showed how to flow from a three leg dog to upward dog
Vincent shows how to feel the mula bandha ( root lock ) practice
Vincent Demo the correct alignment to do side angle stretch pose

Vincent's making the adjustment
Vincent's flowing through the buildup vinyasa sequence with the participants
Another important element in Vinyasa Yoga - the correct alignment of each pose

in the 2nd workshop dealed with the arm balancing
Flying high in Vinyasa while staying connected to the breath & alignment was challegning
Flowing from the arm balancing into a half backbending sequence