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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Live in the moment - Stand your ground

Stand your ground - Coming to terms with reality involves stripping ourselves of comforting delusions. Many people who try to confront life's difficult truths get scared and fail in the attempt. You won't gain self-knowledge without drawing upon your reserves of strength and courage.  Don't run awau: the rewards of standing your ground will be riches beyond measure - true happiness , true peace , true love.

Monday, 21 May 2012

HSBC ,"WalkRunCycle" Charity Event 19 May, 2012

All of us participated 11.5KM for this chairty Event which was held on 19 May 2012. The event made a history - the start & finish point was jam packed with almost 10 K participants ,of all ages and it was taken place in the evening 8:30pm start.  The entire run was fun!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Live in the moment - Silent music

Silent music - "Talking is like playing on the harp; there is as much in laying the hands on the strings to stop their vibration as in twanging them to bring out their music."

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A nice & welcoming addition

Healing setting with full set of bowls
experimetal and practice with a intuitve sense
taste and absorb the quality of the sound
out of seven bowls , this one is my favorite. i love the imprints

view of the bell , the full scripts of chant is crafted from inside is a surprise! 

unsual Buddha face art.
The friendly Nepaliese people and the religious & cultural rich ambience made the second time visit enjoyable, even after a gap of ten years,everything seems familiar and unchanged. i felt " at home"
it was such a wonderful journey this time  as i received an invaluable gift - ancient Himalaya wisdom and secrets - the tibetan singing bowl. It was always exciting to learn something new and i found this one was extraordinary.

My yoga peer , Nina recommended me to study and learn with her master - Shree Krishnan Shahi, like most of Nepaliese people , simply , friendly and warmth who lives in Kathmandu Valley's most outstanding landmark - Swoyambhu Stupa for more 2 decades and about the same span of durations ,he has been handing down this ancient secrets healing techniques from his god grandfather, a tibetan Lama.

The most interesting part of the course is to get " the intuitive sensitivity " connected with a set of seven bowls which have the interconnection with the seven energy centers ( The chakra ). Master Shree's religion is strongly influenced by tibetan buddism and his teachings stress the importance of building up positive karmic energy and intuition in working with the bowls,It was exciting to explore and experience different qualities of bowl - hand hammered and manaufactured made. By far , The hand hammered bowls give the better quality of sound and they are made of at least five different composites - mercury , brass , copper , thin and iron. They are plain in design and some are imprinted with sacred symbols and chants.

The bowls are truly a divine gift of a sound as each bowl emits heavenly soothing sound that i was loving it with just one strike on it. The sound was very different i heard from the recorded CD or Youtube. You would feel a deep and profound vibration especially when the bowls are placed in a " healing setting "near to the body. The harmonic frequency of sound become more powerful , cleansing ,purifyinig and healing. 

I have been incorporating with this lovely sound relaxation into some of the restorative yoga sessions and the responses are positive and encouraging. Most of them find time passes so quickly without realizing as well as it enhances their level of relaxation. what i find the sound can bring much needed a wordless prayer for peace and calm. It is such a welcoming addition to the yoga session.  

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

As sound as a bell

A Big and Heavy Bell before climbing up to the Swoyambhu Stupa
Master Shree's wife , who run this souvior shop
view of Anapurna ( FishTail ) mountian ,in Porkara , taken 2001
spectacular view of Himalaya range taken on the aircraft before landing
more 100 year old , Changkuraya Temple , taken 2001
World biggest Stupa - Boundha Stupa

A local Artist

Holy prayer in process
Ancient Durba Square
Prayer Wheel at Swayambhu Stupa
more than 300 steps , quite a challenging climb up to Swayambhu Stupa
There are many good reasons and attractions to come and visit Nepal - Kathmandu. Trekking is NO.1 on what-to-do list in most of tourists' itineraries; the magnificent Mt.Everest , the tallest mountain in the world and other eight mountains amongst top 10 world-rank across the country offer both the challengeing trek and the gentle "tea-house" trek. It is also fascinating to take a historical & cultural tour as there are many impressive world heritage sites - bhaptapur city , world biggest Stupa - Boundha Stupa ,Swoyambhu Stupa,  Durba Square , Patna Square and to name a few. These century-old sites are like a living museum as they are well-preserved. you would admire the beauty of the unique woodcraft & cobble stonework architect, this is also how Kathmandu's name is derived from. Shops and Venders are everywhere espeically at the thamel area where mostly budget travellers / backpackers gather selling all kind of himalaya handicraft , jewelry and so forth. it promises a satisfying hunt.  Religions are diversify in this country.  Hinduisum and Buddism are quite commonly practiced.  Visiting Lumbini - a small town for buddism is a significant pigrimage as it is the birth place of the lord Buddha.  Anything you like to know about Tibetan Buddism , Tangka Art & culture you could almost get as many exile tibetans reside here. ten years ago ( 2001 ) , almost the same reasons brought me but this second visit this year 2012 was "the sacred sound "brought me here.    

Live in the moment - Our appointment

Our Appointment with life is in the present moment. The place of our appointment is right here , in this very place.