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Thursday, 24 July 2014

All theirs

Practice complete focus in conversation. This means not only listening well but also being willing to openly share your own thoughts, experiences, and emotions when apropriate-both giving and receiving. The most rewarding conversations are ones that involve a heartfelt exhange of energy.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Parsvottansana variation

This variation of Parsvottanasna hanging on the wall is quite challenging. It requires a lot hips flexibility and the core stability to control the balance when in the full pose, with the hands holding the foot.

Parsvottanasana-intense torso stretch

The wall rope is tied around the top pelvis for facilitating the hips rotation and making a ‘bend over from the hip‘ in this pose. The proper rotation not only broadens the pelvis and the abdominal regions but maximizes the full stretch for the entire leg,-hamstring, calves and the achillies tendon. Most people like the lightness sensation in the lower body after the pose. The traditional way to practice this pose, with the arms in back namaste or bind together for chest stretch as well. Other variations, are to put the hands on the blocks or on a chair.