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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Yin Yoga 5 days intensive workshop with the Founder -Paul Grilley & His wife- Suzee

Attendees , are from Singapore , Indonesia , Brunei!
The Founder of Yin Yoga - Paul Grilley

Jacky Lim posed with Paul Grilley & His Wife - Suzee

one of the relaxed & meditative yin yoga poses - Saddle

Check it out here , everyone is so different in BONES

In this room , you can see various races , with different gender, in various forms & shapes!!everyone is unique!Paul , suzee & JoPhee 's examining two 'extremes' of external & internal rotation of the arms to show the difference when doing Chaturanga!!!

Paul's way of teaching Anatomy - Learning by touching , learning by doing

Finding the landmark for the major body parts
Feeling the compression in the lumber region
Assisting one another to feel the compression
touching... feeling....exploring..
Step on behind the back to feel why is the tail and its relationship with the rest of the spine

Human's spine is as strong as a crane

Neck flexion decides in shoulder stand
besides neck flexion , scapular & Humerus form does big matter!!
it's so different from one person to another in just one of many segments of the body- neck flexion
Suzee 's examing on the difference of neck flexion from the line-up

2 opposite 'extremes' - super external and internal rotation
"Yoga tattoo"Paul calls it ,is to illustrate the rotation when in Virasana
Paul's accessing the rotation in virasana
My Friend,one of the leading 'yin yoga ' teachers in Singapore -JoPhee

Monday, 21 September 2009


Dear all Students


The studio will close from 23rd to 30th of September as i will be away for the training and all Classes resume on 1st of October and the timetable will remain the same. See you then!!

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Intensive Training with Paul Grilley at Trueyoga , Singapore

From 23rd to 30th September ,I am going to unfold yin yoga in Singapore. It will be an intensive 5 -days training with Paul Grilley - The Founder of Yin Yoga , from USA.

The Training covers the anatomy of Yoga and the theory & Practice about Yin Yoga. Yin Yoga is the relaxed practice of floor postures for 3 to 5 minutes at a time. It is the ideal to complement to more muscular or Yang Form of Yoga. A Yin Yoga practice emphasizes the connective tissue of the hips , thighs , pelvis and lower spine. In this way , it prepares the body and the mind for longer meditation practice by drawing the student's awareness away from the muscle & deeper into the Bones , a deep level of relaxed focus.

Love Makes Life Younger - 110 years Teresa Hsu Chih

I have a 10 -years old newspaper clipping from Borneo Bulletin featured on Mdm Teresa Hsu Chih at 100-years-young. She had a specially interview coverage by CNN and received an award given by Her World magazine at the same year, for her lifetime work with the poor. For her ,there is no retirement.

This is a short summery from that clipping. The Amazing Mdm Teresa Hsu Chih always been my mentor.

The reporter found himself marvelling at her. She 's living proof of how young a 100-year-old can be.

" Be good.Live with love in your heart,"said Hsu Chih " Avoid harsh words and unhappy feelings." Simple words - do others dare live by her example?"

Doing good has made her absolutely fearless.This is her ultimate secret.

As she recieved her award , the reported thought."This woman has only $39 in her bank account.Yet she 's completely fearless.She's the most powerful person i 've ever met."

Later he asked ;" How do you start living a fearless life?"

Instead of giving an answer, she asked a question in turn."What are you afraid of?That is the first question you must ask yourself. Does fear help anybody?No,So why spend so much time on fear?"

"Fear is crippling. Fear takes all the joy out of living."

Mdm Hsu Chih begined each day at 4am. She credited her youth to a simple lifestyle. She has been a vegetarian all her life. She takes only one meal a day - mainly raw vegetables and fruits, which she blends and drinks as a juice. She believes cooking spoils the nutrition. Drinking this juice has been her daily habit since 1947. In this , she was decades ahead of medical opinion. Recent scientific research has discovered such a diet is rich antioxidants,which are life-strengthening substances that prevent diseases and slow down ageing.

Daily meditation is " as important as a healthy diet".A peaceful mind is the foundation of good health,she says;" i never time myself - i just meditate until i feel really drunk on peace"

Even when she was working and pressed for time, she always devoted one hour each morning to meditation. Night is different. " Then , the time was mine. Once , I started at 11:30pm and discovered it was 5 am when i finished. The deep quiet is very refreshing and better than sleep."

Every morning and evening , one will find her with her feet in the air, doing yoga.it has kept her body supply. She started when she was 69 and is now a yoga teacher.

Lately , I received a forward mail featuring on this amazing woman at 110 years from my sister , and it seems everything about her still remained likes 10 years back.

She is 110 years old this year ( 2009 ). Small built and agile, she has grey hair , excellent hearing , and eyesight. She is one compassionate person who has helped others her entire life. For one century , she has been dedicating herself to others selflessly, unconditionally loving others, and especially caring for those who are poor , sick , old and suffering. As she puts it:" I did not come to this world alone. I have many companions and it is my responsibility to help them. I love them without any terms and conditions because we are a family. Even today , she still helps at the old folk home.

Learning yoga at the age of 69

Everyday she wold meditate , read , exercise , do charity , and do yoga. Her energy level and physical condition is comparable to the young people. This is especially true when she demonstrates the yoga movements with her soft and flexible limbs;seeing her moves her body makes one hold one's breath and grasp in admiration. She revealed the secret of her longevity as to work every day that she wakes up , to work without hesitation, and to be the voluntary worker of the society. At the same time she is careful not to speak ill words, not to be unhappy , and not to eat food cooked with strong fire; she refrain from meat , coffee , tea and alcoholic drinks. That is how she remains serene and joyful all the time, both physically and mentally.

She started learning yoga at the age of 69 and she talked about the wonderful experience of how her 'dreams came true ' in learning yoga.

one day , as she was reading ,something she loves to do very much , she read about the goodness of learning yoga.But what is yoga? she was not quite sure." How i wish someone would explain what yoga is to me and teach me yoga," she made a wish in her heart.

And the strangest thing happened. A few days after she made the wish to learn yoga , a man came to visit her old folks' home. He wore an orange long shirt and an orange hat.

" Are you a monk?" asked Hsu Chih
"Yes, i am." Said the man
" Do you teach yoga?"Hsu Chih asked
"Yes,My job is to teach yoga." Answer the man

As though the goddess has heard Hsu Chih's prayers and sent the yoga teacher to her. Since then , she started to learn and meditation from the teacher.

With yoga ,her body that was already healthy became even stronger and her energy level also became better. Of course , the good effort of dedicating herself to the poor and sick itself would harvest her the good karma of having a healthy body and a long life.

She demonstrates the Shoulderstand

She demonstrates the Fish pose in Lotus pose

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Selamat Aidifitri

Warmth season greeting to all of you - Selamat Aidifitri

To all My Muslim Friends;

-Datuk Osmar
-Zura Psm
-Amir Hussin & Nora Rahaman
-Amani Athirah
-Rano ( Ranoadidas )
-Reeda Malik
- Senor Pablo
-Azim Jaya
-Dk. Zuraidah
-Dk.Zuriah ( studio asistance )
-Fiza Dorbell
-Hj Yusa

To All My Muslim students;

-Dr.Haslin Ali
-Aziziah ( Zee ) & Bob
-Melissa Abdullah


The Empire Hotel & Country Club
-Mariam Isa
-Jenny Jamaluddin

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Flying 'N ' Opening

Flying High with Pincha Mayurasana -Feather Peacock Pose 'N' Deep heart Opening with King Cobra Pose & King Pigeon on Weekend Vinyasa Flow;-

Amelia Tan shows another tricky variations of headstand with hands rested on shoulders

Instructing Melissa to soften the heart , keep the side body long, head up and keep the gaze forward before flying up

Melissa Ang , is always detemined to work on a new challenge !

No bad , Jacky , she got a good form of pincha ,progressing just need practicing !

New comer - Tey gives it a try
assisting Voon to Kick up in Pincha Mayurasana
Pincha Mayurasana! a lot coordination & balancing than arm work!!

Amelia Tan shows in a' Replica of Vincent Tam 's King Pigeon"
Working with Jacky Lim
Winnie Liew has super flexi back bone

Marilyn is attempting this tricky pose

Hip Openers!

The hip region is ' a common problematic zone' where the stagnant energy ' is easily being stuck if we do not anything to maintain the mobility. It is likely that the restriction in the range of the hip movements will affect the lower back and the knee as well . There are many connective tissues at every' crook and cranny' in the hip joints that we need to stretch it progressively . And the particular sequence of hip opener that is focused on every Mondays session helps remove layers of resistance and also improves the circulation or the Energy between the upper body and the lower body that you get greater freedom.

For Yin yoga , it has a series of floor work and it emphasizes the connective tissues of the hips , thighs , pelvis and the lower spine too

Like the Triangle pose - the gate opens the side torso and hips
Half Circle pose is a built-up pose how the wild thing feels like, with the integration of hips and Shoulder and legs
Half downward dog with single leg raised
The low Lunge releases tension & tightness in the lower back and thighs

Scissors leg floor twist

Side Sleeping Buddha Pose as Physiotherapy pose

in Yin Yoga , called the Cat pulling its Tails!!
Half Bhekasan ( half frog pose ) to release the front thigh and Hips Flexor

Salabasana ( locust pose ) helps strengthen the hips flexor
The Bridge is one of my favourite pose to open up the whole front body
Very Restorative & relaxing Reclined Bound Angle Pose with Supported , allows your body to receive the opening not only in the hip region but in the chest region as well