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Monday, 6 January 2014

A new & fun group exercise -Bokwa

We would like to introduce an exciting and fun class Bokwa at OMPlace.
Burn up to 1200 calories in one Bokwa session. BOKWA is an exhilarating class with fun and easy steps done to modern,  exciting and vibrant music. It is a workout without you even noticing that you are shedding the calories away.
YES. This is BOKWA, you can move and spell,then you can Bokwa, the energy of the class is bound to have you wanting more.
Come and join the class, bring your smiles and your voices because we have a party drawing the letters and dancing the letters.
Join Matinez, a young, vibrant, energetic professional Dancer and teacher to Bokwa@OMPlace.
When - every Thursday@7:15pm
Fee-$6 per session
For further details, contact Matinez @7247441 .or william @8767019

Don‘t look back

Don‘t let yesterday use up too much of today"

Happy chinese new year

Wishing all of you, happy chinese new year ahead