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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Eventful Plan for 2010

2010 has so much to be worth looking forward to. The workshops OMPlace is going to host and the workshops /trainings I am going to attend. The calender is almost marked full!

Besides Vincent Tam , I just received a good new from Martin Kirk few days ago that He will offer a workshop in Brunei. He and his wife - Jordan ,two highly respected & internationally known Anusara Certified Yoga Teachers - www.kirkyoga.com will be conducting Anusara Immersion I & II in Singapore, and most likely i will join them as well. He'll have to reconfirm that it will work with their Singapore schedule. therefore, the date for his workshop here is tentatively fixed on End of June 2010. TBA!! it 's such an honor to have their visit!

The pictures taken during 30 hours Anusara yoga Training with Martin in July 2009,kuala Lumpur and I got his Autograph & a few inspirational words for his awesome yoga book - Hatha Yoga Illustrated Participants showed satisfactory & happily smiles after Vincent Tam's Workshop in Oct 2009

Vincent Tam will come for the second time in April 10th & 11th 2010 , zero in on the transformation of inversion ( variations ) & arm balancing & backbending workshop. The venue for their workshops would be held @ our newly found local 'mind & Body Sanctuary' - a gorgeous , natural setting , ocean front , private Bungalow in Tutong. And also not to forget our teamwork with Vincent for the Bali Yoga Retreat ,is scheduled from 2nd to 6th of July 2010. most likely that i will invite another Yoga teacher,my friend Linda Madani who lives in Bali to be part of too. The flyer will be up soon!

Natural beauty of the beach in Tutong where the resort alike bungalow located

Then here come to Tripsichore Yoga by Edward Clark, www.tripsichore.com, He 'll run 3 progressive Teacher Training Modules @ my homeland Kuala Lumpur through Vincent 's Jiva Yoga Link, www.vincenttamyoga.com ,takes place in February , June & November 2010 respectively. His Cutting edging techniques of Tripsichore styled Vinyasa is quite unique ,creative & challenging!!
Edward's Autograph on my notes from his workshop in May 2009 @ Trueyoga,Singapore

Up next will be Yin Yoga Teacher Training course with Sarah Powers www.sarahpowers.com from 31th March to 3rd Arpil 2010,Trueyoga Singapore. Besides Paul Grilley , she's also one of the international acclaimed Yin Yoga Teacher!
And then , another teacher that i missed his training in 2009 , Noah Maze,an experienced & certified Anusara Yoga Teacher www.noahmazeyoga.com.
He will be in KL early April and from 6th - 10th October 2010 to do Anusara Intensive Workshop through Vincent Tam link too.

On top of these , The studio will be installing an " Iyengar Wall "that provides an alternative yoga practice ,particualarly to the elderly and inflexible people or perhaps for Rehab. A special class will be conducted to meet this catagory. There are also other special classes 'Yoga for Men " and Yin Yoga will be introduced. I have resolved myself for a great new year 2010 to come,till then , see you all in the upcoming events soon @ OMPlace. OM Namaste!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

' Hall Of Fame - IV "

She's one of the Kind Yogini. Her yoga-ing is posh & chic. Here is a profile of her; from top to the bottom always dons with branded yoga attire..the hairband , the tops. non slip towel,even the mat bears the feminine ,sweat & pinky Hello Kitty and other yoga gears are ,pinkish yoga block , pinky stretching Belt . All are from Easyoga.

When it comes to inversion,She never fears of falling & high , she keeps falling till she gets the hang of it ,bingo!there she makes it!!!

She joins all levels of the morning classes. She doesn't seem to worry about the class whether is for beginner or non-beginner, she just comes to the classes and does the best she can. She signed up full Vincent's workshop without second thought when i asked her to join. What a wonder! she managed to complete 2 days quite physical-demanding & intensive workshop despite the fact that her whole body was ached & sored after the day one! that you should give her credits for a year yoga-newbie , her daring ,willingness to learn attitude , never succumb to' the impossible 'without having a first trial attitude are eminent!!by the way , her elder son now is already 28 but her actual age she does not want to tell. it's a secrete!!

During Vincent Tam 's workshop in October
Swarovski, her little cute pet Chiwawa, is no second to her , being carried in a LV bag and dress as stylish as her Mum - sharon

on a par with others

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

"Hall Of Fame - III"

A group of regular Early birds have been super regular for almost 3 years,punctual @ 7:15am class 2 or 3 times weekly. Mrs Koo is one of them. besides yoga , she does Chi gong , she finds both are complement to each other. She relates most of yogasanas to the Chinese Meridian Theory from a Chinese Medicine book she reads. She says yoga has even become a staple for her as yogasanas help ameliorate the effect -Activate complex network of health- related Meridians in our body.

She is the right person to contradict the debate -' i am too old to do yoga? ', i am too stiff to stretch ' ' It is eerie to bent" so on. Her' 6 digit golden age' & Her agility , mobility and flexibility will speak well for ' NO' side in the debate.

At last but not least ,Wishing her stay endless sense of wellness and her amazingly spirit!

Smile.. and let me show you this next.??!!
Seated Wide Angle Forward Bend- See i do it effortlessly..
This is just the pose to make my so-called 'spare tyre ' ( waistline ) gone!!!it's my secret!

I can still 'float ' quite light in' Fish'
My body can still shine ,& radiant glow brightly as the moon

Front split .. uh? not really a problem .....i can be a King Hanuman too!!

I am not the only early bird!!!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Supported practice for a pregnant student

I have put together some of supported / modified poses into two sequences from the Saturday class, for a 4 months pregnant student, who has been consecutively joining this class. The class is non prenatal but She finds she can adapt to it. These sequences serve as a reference that she can review and practice at home. Overall they focus on opening the hip opener and relieving the lower back. please take note that these are not applicable to other pregnant mamas, do consult with your physician before attempting any of these exercises.

Sequenced ( A ) & Sequenced ( B ) - Diagram ( I )
(A ) mainly are relaxing floor work and ( B ) are a bit energetic practice with modified standing poses

Modified Sun Salutation - Diagram ( II )

Top View Of Support Reclined Bound Angle Pose - if you feel exhausted after the day ,this is the best pose you can to start with.do couple of minutes of breath awareness exercises. This pose invites calmness to your mind and restoring of energy
* it can do this at the end of the session
Side View of Support Reclined Bound Angle Pose -The Props at the back are Kept at 45 degree Angle ( or you can adjust to the desired angle you like ) ,but the idea is to maintain the openness in the chest region and also make sure that the props are firm and the head position must be comfortable. and you can put two small bolsters or folded towels under the knees.
* All supporting props must be placed evenly and firmly

If You are NOT feeling too exhausted , you can start with sequenced ( B ) . do a few desirable rounds of the modified Sun Salutations as diagram ( II ) above ,to get the body warm-up, then you can move on to other choices of Standing Pose - Warrior ( II ) , Triangle and Extended Side Angle. These selected poses are excellent Hip Opener. you can be more creative if you are longtime practitioner , you can have your own choices. you can practice these three in a Vinyasa like
* Avoid Standing Pose if you really feel low energy and exhausted, alternatively / preferably to do all standing poses against the wall .
Support Warrior ( II ) with the chair Pose- Version ( a ) without extending the arms if you find stiffness / tiredness in your shoulder. this pose allows the opening of the hips

Support Warrior ( II ) Pose- Version ( b ) with the arm extended to the side , this version stretches the chest and the arm.
*alternatively , you can make a circular movement with your arms instead hold still ,to increase stretch more to the upper body
Rear view of Support Warrior ( II ) Pose- shows how the Torso and the Spine still maintain straight

Side View of Support Warrior ( II ) Pose- Shows how the position for the bent leg & hips. work on aligning the hips & opening the chest and shoulder!!!

Support Triangle Pose - Version ( a ) without extending the arm to the top. with one arm rests on the chair. if your shoulder is tired. work on aligning the hips & opening the chest and shoulder!!!

Support Triangle Pose - Version ( b ) with the arm extends up to the ceiling , make sure that you maximize the stretch by keep the left hip up.

Support extended Side Angle Pose- Version ( I ) - you can keep the back against the wall and one arm resting on the chair , so you feel more secured and stable.

Support extended Side Angle Pose- Version ( II ) - As the same method you do Warrior ( II ) with the chair , the bent leg is prop with the chair if you practice in the center of the room

Support Cat Pose - keep your knee padded with folded mat or towels and rested your arm on the chair in front. you can tile the pelvis mildly upwards & downwards to mobilize the hip joints and relax the back.
*Alternatively , you can use a Fitball instead the chair

Support Kneeling Twist Pose - make sure you knees & the bottom part of you shoulder well cushioned. this is an excellent pose to bring counter balance the tightness you have in the shoulder and the lower back

Supported Half Spinal Twist Pose- ideally elevated the hips so that you can feel more ease to keep your spine erected , you should keep the twisting movement nice & gentle, with your hand on the bent knee and you should avoid the crossed twist ( meaning you do twist the torso over to the bent leg ) as your tummy is big. surely your baby disagrees with too much exertion

Support Half Spinal Twist Pose- To move slight deeper into the twisting by holding the hand on the straight leg , again , stay full awareness and super ' sensitive about how your tummy feel.
* Always Keep the twisting movement nice & gentle.

Support Seated Side Stretch Pose - alternatively you can cross you legs instead in bound Angle Pose. it's a substitute if you do not do the Standing Triangle. this laterally stretches your spine and the torso as well, it brings relief to the lower back. keep the head at any comfortable position you like.
* Keep the chest lifted to maximize the stretch

Support Seated Bound Angle Pose - It's an excellent hips opener as well. it is suggested to elevate your buttocks higher with folded mat or towels so that you can keep the spine erected. and also you can feel at ease in the pose with the knee resting on the block or the rolled mat. you can stretch both of your arms up to the ceiling if you like

Side View Of Support Seated Bound Angle Pose - you feel more secured with a chair right in front of you , and that assists you to change the position - esp come back to the standing position or you want to shift to other variations.

Side View Of Supported final relaxed Corpse Pose - you can omit the props at the back , but keep the rolled mat under the knee ,that allows the relief in the hips and both legs.

Top view of Support final relaxed Corpse Pose - you are completely letting go and relaxing in the pose. you are keeping the relaxation evenly on the either sides of the body. the back body - the shoulder , the buttock and both arms & legs. stay in the pose and Breathe ......Breathe & feel Relax...

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Photo Gallery

Yoga Newbie ,Bobo from China

Man Wei

Melissa ang in headstand practice!!!
(from the left );Jessie Pang , Celine & Winnie
( from the left ) : Jessie Pang & Winnie Liew
Melissa Leong in Pincha

Celine in Pincha , Scorpion & handstandCeline with Jeff
Celine with Connie
Celine with Tey